Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Four Monthly Meeting with the CPMG.

1. To day four monthly meeting with CPMG was held in the C. O.

2. Items such as supply of lap tops to left over IPs/ASPs & Postmasters, incentives to SDHs on NREGS and SSP payments, and House rent cases of Tekkalai and Amadalavalasa sub divisions are taken up.

3.  The CPMG has agreed the item of laptops supply.  As regards incentive payment to SDHs on NREGS/SSP, the issue is to be taken up by the CO with the BD Dte.  In r/o of last item, report of the RO  Visakhapatnam is awaited.

4. The following representatives have participated in the meeting.
a. Sri G. Sivanagaraju, President,
b. Sri B.Suresh Kumar Vice-president.

No Holiday on October 2 for Central Government Employees This Time

Cabinet Secretary Ajith Seth has asked the Central Government employees to come to office on October 2, which happens to be the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, and a national holiday, and tidy up the office premises. A circular to this effect will be sent to all the Central Government offices soon.
As part of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ (Clean India) mission, all Central Government employees have been asked to report on duty on October 2, and take a pledge of cleanliness. The circular has already been sent to the secretaries of various departments.
Cabinet Secretary Ajith Seth explained, “During his Independence Day speech on August 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission. He is all set to begin the campaign on October 2.
As part of the campaign, all Central Government employees are to attend the office on October 2 to take the pledge of cleanliness. Prior to the campaign, all concerned Central Government officials have been intimated to clean up the office premises.
Seth has said that all the Central Government departments will have to participate without fail in the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission.

PSS Group "B" Nominations called for.

1. The Dte. Vide memeo no. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 25.09.2014 called for the CRs of 501 senior ASPs all over the country.  The following ASPs CRs were called for from our Circle.  The association conveys them best wishes.
2. General category officers names included up to 1992, and SC/ST officials names included up to 1993.

Name of officer
KRK Reddy
NRK Sastry
1991 (VRS)
D.Shanmukheswar Rao
A.E Rao
1991. ?
N. SubbaRao
1992 (APS)
N. Somasekhara Rao
KGV. Subrahmanyam
1992 (?)
KVSl Narsimha rao
k.l. Naidu
M. Sudhakar
RP. Singh
P.Ananda Rao
AVS. Sharma
1993 ( Wrong categorization)
K.Prakasa Rao

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yoga can train our brain to control computers better.

Representational image. (Photo: visualphotos.com)

Washington: People who practice yoga and meditation can better use their brains to control a computer, a new study has found.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people who practice yoga and meditation long term learn to control a computer with their minds faster and better than people with little or no yoga or meditation experience.
The findings could have major implications for treatments of people who are paralysed or have neurodegenerative diseases.
The study involved a total of 36 participants. One group of 12 had at least one year of experience in yoga or meditation at least two times per week for one hour.
The second group included 24 healthy participants who had little or no yoga or meditation experience. Both groups were new to systems using the brain to control a computer.
Both groups participated in three, two-hour experiments over four weeks in which they wore a high tech, non-invasive cap over the scalp that picked up brain activity.
The participants were asked to move a computer cursor across the screen by imaging left or right hand movements.
The participants with yoga or meditation experience were twice as likely to complete the brain-computer interface task by the end of 30 trials and learned three times faster than their counterparts for the left-right cursor movement experiments.
"In recent years, there has been a lot of attention on improving the computer side of the brain-computer interface but very little attention to the brain side," said lead researcher Bin He, a biomedical engineering professor in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering.
"This comprehensive study shows for the first time that looking closer at the brain side may provide a valuable tool for reducing obstacles for brain-computer interface success in early stages," He said.
Researchers have been increasingly focused on finding ways to help physically disabled individuals who are paralysed, have lost limbs, or suffer from diseases such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or cerebral palsy.
In these cases, brain function remains intact, but these people have to find a way to bypass muscular control to move a wheelchair or control an artificial limb.
He gained international attention last year when members of his research team were able to demonstrate flying a robot with only their minds.
However, they found that not everyone can easily learn to control a computer with their brains. Many people are unsuccessful in controlling the computer after multiple attempts.
A consistent and reliable electroencephalography (EEG) brain signal may depend on an undistracted mind and sustained attention. Meditators have shown more distinctive EEG patterns than untrained participants, which may explain their success, researchers said.
The research is published in TECHNOLOGY.

Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER and A&N.

No. 31011/ 3/ 2014-Estt.(A-IV) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 
Department of Personnel and Training 
North Block, New Delhi-110 001 
Dated: 26thSeptember, 2014 


The undersigned is directed to say that in relaxation to CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988, 
it has been decided by the Government to permit Government servants to travel by air 
to North East Region (NER) , Jammu and Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar Islands (A&N) as per
the following scheme - 
All eligible Government servants may avail LTC to visit any place in NER/ A&N 
against the conversion of one block of their Home Town LTC. Fresh Recruits 
are also eligible for this benefit against conversion of one of the three Home 
Towns in a block of four years applicable to them. 

(ii) Government servants entitled to travel by air can avail this LTC from their 
Headquarters in Economy class. 

(iii) Government servants not entitled to travel by air may be permitted to travel by 
air in Economy class in the following sectors: 

a. Between Kolkata/ Guwahati and any place in NER 

b. Between Kolkata/ Chennai/ Bhubaneswar and Port Blair. 

c. Between Delhi / Amritsar and any place in J&K 
Journey for these non-entitled employees from their Headquarters up to 
Kolkata/ Guwahati/ Chennai/ Bhubaneswar / Delhi / Amritsar will have to be 
undertaken as per their entitlement. 

(iv) Air travel is to be performed by Air India in Economy Class only and at LTC-80 
fare or less. 

(v) Air travel by non-entitled officers on the sectors mentioned in item (iii) above 
may be permitted while availing LTC to any place in India (4 year Block) also. 
(i ) 

(vi) Air Tickets to be purchased directly from the airlines (Booking counters, website 
of airlines) or by utilizing the service of Authorized Travel Agents viz. 'M/s 
Balmer Lawrie & Company', 'M/s Ashok Travels & Tours' and 'IRCTC' (to 
the extent IRCTC is authorized as per DoPT's O.M. No. 31011/6/2002-Estt.(A) 
dated 02.12.2009) while undertaking LTC journey. Booking of tickets through 
other agencies is not permitted. 
2. These orders shall be in operation for a period of two years from the date of 
issue of this O.M. 
3. All the Ministries/ Departments are advised to bring it to the notice of all their 
employees that any misuse of LTC will be viewed seriously and the employees will be 
liable for appropriate action under the rules. In order to keep a check on any kind of 
misuse of LTC, Ministries/ Departments are advised to randomly get some of the air 
tickets submitted by the officials verified from the Airlines concerned with regard to the 
actual cost of air travel vis-a-vis the cost indicated on the air tickets submitted by the 
4. In their application to the staff serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts 
Department, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor 
General of India. 

(B. Bandyopadhyay) 
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India 
Ph. (011) 23040341 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preparation and maintenance of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APAR)

Directorate has again circulated old copy of rules and regulations regarding preparation and maintenance of APAR for information and record purpose.   

1) APARs graded below 4 will be given a score of zero.

2) APARs graded between 4 to 6 and short of 6 will be rated as 'good' and given a score of 5.

3) APARs graded between 6 and short of 8 will be will be rated as 'very goodand given a score of 7.

4) APARs graded between 8 and 10 will be rated as 'outstanding' will be given a score of 9 for the purpose of calculating average scores for empanelment /promotion.

Procedure for booking of air-tickets on LTC- Clarification reg

                                                               NO. 3101 11 51 2014-Estt.(A-IV)
                                                                      Government of lndia
                                            Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
                                                          Department of Personnel and Training
. .                                                               North Block, 'kw Delhi-I 10 001
                                                                    Dated: 24'h September, 2014
                                                                     OFFICE MEMORANDUM
The undersigned is directed to refer to the conditions laid down by this
Department's O.M. No. 310111412014-Estt.(A.lV) dated 19'~ ~une, 2014, as per which
the Government employees are required to book the air tickets directly from the
airlines (Booking counters, website of airlines) or by utilizing the service of Authorized
Travel Agents viz. 'MIS Balmer Lawrie & Company', 'Mls Ashok Travels & Tours' and
'IRCTC' (to the extent IRCTC is authorized as per DoPT O.M. No. 310111612002-
Estt.(A) dated 02.12.2009) while undertaking LTC journey(s).
2. The matter has further been reviewed and it is clarified that the web-portal of
authorized travel agents, namely Mls Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd., Mls Ashok
Travels & Tours and IRCTC will also be treated as an acceptable mode for purchase
of air tickets on LTC. However, booking of air tickets through web-portals of these
authorized agents would also be governed by the provisions of Department of
Expenditure's O.M. No. 19024i1/2012-E-IV dated 5'h September, 2014 which are as
(i) No feel service charges (by whatever nomenclature), which are not included in
the 'tariff' charged by Air-Indialairlines, are required to be paid to the
aforementioned authorised travel agents.
(ii) As far as possible, air tickets on Government account may be obtained directly
from the Air India1 Airlines (booking counters1 offices1 websites) and if obtaining
tickets directly from Air IndiaIAirlines is not possible, should the services of
authorised travel agents be availed of.
3. All Ministriesl Departments are advised to bring these guidelines to the notice of
all their employees.

                                                                                              Under Secretary to the Govt. of lndia

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transfer/deputation in HCR.

1. Sri B.Suresh Kumar ASP(R), % the SSRM Hyderabad Sorting division has been deputed to Circle Office as ASP(PG-RTI)  vide memo no. ST/92-1/2014/I dated 22.09.2014.

2. Sri S.Prasad Rao ASP  and Circle Secretary has joined as ASP (Hqrs) % the SSRM Hyderabad Sorting division Hyderabad-27.  All the  office bearers and members are requested to note the change of address.